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People often ask me why I do pageants. I do them because every interview I've been on since age 16 resulted in a job. Every single pageant I've competed in resulted in a life long friend that changed me for the better, and every time I've walked away more confident, determined, and ready to take on the future. Pageantry is not for everyone, but for me it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Wether it's Miss America or Miss USA these girls work tirelessly to be the best they can be and give back to their communities through hours and hours of volunteering, fundraising, and advocacy for causes near to their hearts. True character is being happy for whoever wins - sometimes it's your year sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's time to move on and sometimes it's time to kick it into high gear ;)

Audrey Denison

Nevada Residency not a requirement.